You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes Book Review


After wreaking havoc in New York and Los Angeles, Joe Goldberg heads to the Pacific Northwest to see Caroline Kepnes’ latest novel. You love Me. After Joe becomes a father and is forced to abandon his son at the request of the Quinn family, he records the plays and starts over in the quaint town of Bainbridge. Of course, it doesn’t take long before he meets another woman named Mary Kay DiMarco, and you can probably guess what happens from here.

You may think you’ve seen the worst of Joe, but you haven’t seen anything.

We already know Joe is a crazy, stalking killer, but what happens when he’s actively trying to “get better”? After so much turmoil and death, it seems like Karma will finally catch up with him in Kepnes’ third installment of her popular book series. Details on the third season of Netflix from they are rare, but if there is anything distant like this book, we are about to go wild. You may think you’ve seen the worst of Joe, but you haven’t seen anything.

Outstanding quote

“I want to send her flowers because she and her friends also taught us that real relationships take time, that sometimes you have babies with the wrong person, you fall in love with the wrong person, but eventually with the right person. You. ”

Way of thinking

This book is absolutely wild and definitely not what you’d expect. In any case, be prepared for many twists and turns, especially in the final chapters.

Where to read

Given that the book is set in a small, quaint town in the Pacific Northwest, I think the best place to read this book is at home when you curl up by the fire.

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  • A book about revisions or new beginnings

How long does it take to read?

It takes a couple of chapters to really build the story, but after that you flip the pages pretty quickly when the drama starts.

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A friend who can’t get enough of thrillers or who is obsessed with Netflix they Series.

The sweet spot summary

Caroline Kepnes’ latest episode of her they Book series, You love Me ($ 25) is a compelling thriller that will drive you crazy right down to the last page.

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