Watch Lorde’s “Solar Power” Music Video


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Like a literal ray of sunshine pouring through the clouds of 2021 and onto our dreamless faces without pop, Lorde has returned to us in all of its hypnotic glory. Four years after the release of melodramareleased the “Green Light” singer “Solar Power”, the first single from their upcoming third album of the same name, which channels the electronic pulse of “Tennis Court” with new upbeat lyrics and a suitable musical energy. “My high-colored cheeks, overripe peaches / No shirt, no shoes, just my features,” she sings.

Give us Mamma Mia!-on-the-beach vibes, the music video celebrates the summer solstice and shows Lorde in a bright yellow two-piece about the beach like the cool older sister of the little mermaid, while other members of her laid-back island crew sway in the wind. At some point, Lorde’s other beachgoers lift her onto a wooden platform that rocks in the waves and let her drift while she moves to the rhythm of the ocean. Packed with joy and enough calming energy to convince us to book a tropical getaway, Solar Power is the calming, gentle Lorde comeback we deserve. Check out the full video above.



Robert Dunfee