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Even though WandaVision seems to finally explain the increasingly scary events of the show, there are still plenty of theories about what is going on and who is really responsible. One theory has it that Nightmare, a super villain from the Marvel Comics, is actually pulling the strings. Could that really be the case? Given what we know about his powers in the comics, this is definitely a possibility.

In the comics, Nightmare is a powerful demon who rules the Nightmare World, a terrible part of the “Dream Dimension”. He is able to feed on psychic energy and trap people, even powerful superheroes, in conjured versions of their worst nightmares. Most often he is an opponent of Doctor Strange, but he also competes against many other heroes. His dream-reality powers would surely make him a candidate for the ultimate force behind the Westview Hex as it appears to be a manifestation of Wanda’s dreams slowly turning into a nightmare.

The idea of ​​bringing Nightmare to the Marvel Universe on screen was circulated before. In fact, it goes back to 2016 when Doctor strange Director Scott Derrickson told IGN that he wanted Nightmare to be the villain of the first film.

“I like the character of Nightmare and the concept that the Nightmare Realm is a dimension … We chose not to do that [in the first movie] because that is a somewhat complex idea, to introduce everything we introduce and introduce the idea of ​​nightmares itself as a dimension. I hope we can look into this at some point because I think this is a super cool concept. “

It is far from certain that the concept of the multiverse that was first addressed Doctor strange and indicated in Spider-Man: Far from homebecomes a full part of the Marvel Universe with Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Since Wanda will have an important (if still secret) role in this upcoming film, that makes perfect sense WandaVision I would start by introducing some of the concepts and characters that will lead to this film and the ongoing story of the multiverse.



Robert Dunfee