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The Most Popular Dog Breed in Every Country


What connects a nation? Well, an unconventional yet adorable answer might be a love of dogs in common. HouseholdQuotes.co.uk, a UK-based homeowner resource site, recently conducted some research to identify the most popular dog breeds in each country. Google Search Data Trends and the Dogtime.com dog breed database were among the resources used to translate and identify the final results in continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries.

The main results? According to HouseholdQuotes, the Rottweiler is number 1 in 34 countries, the highest number of all dog breeds; However, this does not necessarily mean that Rottweilers are the most wanted ones in the world. The The Australian Shepherd is actually the most wanted dog breed in the world With 913,000 monthly hits in four countries where it ranks # 1. A total of 27 different dog breeds emerged in the company’s 150 areas studied.

And now grab those fake suitcases as we travel to different parts of the world to learn more about the results: In the The European continent, the Border Collie and the Cane Corso are both linked as the most popular dog breed. Both are front runners in seven European countries such as Spain, Macedonia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile in North America and South America, the Rottweiler became the top breed on both continents.

Finally, that German shepherd is the most popular dog Breed in the middle East (in countries like Jordan and Qatar); Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan); Oceania (Fiji, Papua New Guinea); and Africa (Senegal, Uganda, Togo); according to the results of HouseholdQuotes. For a more complete breakdown of each continent and country, see the dog-themed map.

The world is a huge, living place – one that is filled with different cultures, languages ​​and ideals. However, one thing will always remain universal: our shared love for puppies. What breed of dog is the most popular in your country?

Jessica Wang

Weekend editor

Jessica is the weekend editor at Apartment Therapy. Her work also appears in Bustle, Nylon, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in California with her dog.



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