Rep. Mace Questions AOC’s Story That Her Life Was At Risk January 6th


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Reports suggest that the veracity of AOC’s claim that her life was in jeopardy on Jan. 6 is questionable. In particular, Republican representative Nancy Mace questions AOC’s claims.

@ AOC made it clear that she didn’t know who was at her door. Breathless attempts by the media to ignite fictional news flames are dangerous.

My office is 2 doors down. Insurgents never stormed our hallway. Egregious doesn’t even begin to cover it up. Is there nothing that MSM would not politicize? pic.twitter.com/Tl1GiPSOft

– Rep. Nancy Mace (@RepNancyMace) February 2, 2021

AOC is now being raked over the coals for their alleged hyperbole … and I love it!

. @ AOC joins #JussieSmollett, @BubbaWallace, and @ davidhogg111 in the Grifter Hoax Hall of Fame.

– John Cardillo (@johncardillo) February 3, 2021

AOC pulled a Jussie Smollett lmaooooooo https://t.co/6ndCXo4XUP

– _dj3rdeye (@ dj3rdeye1) February 3, 2021

AOC’s account has a tight contract with Mace’s.

Covering AOC’s reminder of the January 6th events, Newsweek reported:

Ocasio-Cortez said that rioters actually entered her office and forced her to take refuge in her bathroom after her Legislative Director Geraldo Bonilla-Chavez told her to “hide, hide, run and hide”.

“And so I run back to my office,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “I slam my door. There is another type of back area in my office and I open it up and there is a closet and bathroom. And I jump into my bathroom. “

Said Ocasio-Cortez [she] hid behind the door “and then I just hear those screams from” where is she? “

When members of the mob knocked on the door, Ocasio-Cortez believed, “This was the moment when I thought it was all over.”

“And the strange thing about moments like this is that you lose track of time,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “Looking back it was maybe 4 seconds. Maybe it was 5 seconds, maybe it was 10 seconds. Maybe it was a second, I don’t know. It felt like my brain could have so many thoughts. “

“Between the screams and the screams,” added Ocasio-Cortez, “I mean, I thought I was going to die.”

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According to Mace, AOC doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the intruders. AOC was in the Cannon Building, far from the Rotunda and House Chambers.

Republican MP Nancy Mace (R-SC), whose office is two doors from Democratic MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stated that “insurgents” never made it into her hall when the US Capitol opened on Jan. 6 The note made while it was hitting the media for its attempts to spark “fictional news flames” about the injury.

You seriously can’t believe a word that comes out of Sandy Cortez’s mouth. She has a history of playing quick and easy with facts and the truth.

On a day when #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett is trending, never forget the time when @AOC held a white photoshoot in a parking lot to spread lies about immigrant children in cages.

Faking her own attempt at murder was the next logical step. pic.twitter.com/y8mNNowMGy

– Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) February 3, 2021

AOC is now pushing back on Mace’s account and keeping their account correct.

This is the latest manipulative setting on the right.

They’re manipulating the fact that most people don’t know the layout of the Capitol complex.

We were all in the Capitol complex – the attack wasn’t just aimed at the dome.

The bombs that Trump supporters planted also surrounded our offices. pic.twitter.com/jI18e0XRrd

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 3, 2021

Yesterday, AOC made a video revealing that she is a sexual assault survivor and has had trauma. She explained that some people tell her to just keep going, which makes her “any other abuser who just tells you to keep going.”

Who knows whose account is closest to the truth. AOC may have been traumatized and scared from events in their past, regardless of how close the threat actually was. However, they would think that it should be pretty easy to verify or disprove if their office was breached.

Here is the bottom line. AOC is fine and has never been physically injured. Also, she now has a standing army and a wall surrounding her in the Capitol. It has greater protection than any southern border state because it and all other politicians are exactly that special.

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