“Give My Regards to Your Puppet Master”


The Washington Post tried to put together a hit track on Elon Musk and failed miserably. In response to questions from WaPo, Elon Musk said: “Give my regards to your puppet master.”

The Daily Caller reported:

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, quipped at the Washington Post’s request for comment on an article about his future at the company and asked a reporter to “say hi to your puppet master.”

The piece of the Post wondered if Tesla “can run on autopilot” and stated that “Musk moved to Texas and took on fame”. The article addressed “critics” who have concerns that Musk’s schedule and public figure are “starting to show up in the auto company he runs.”

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The company in question, Tesla, did not respond to the Post’s request for comment, the article reads. Musk did so, however – in just one sentence, presumably addressed to the post’s owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

WaPo reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted about Musk’s response:

“Tesla has not responded to repeated requests for comments. In response to emails asking for comment, Musk simply replied, “Give my regards to your puppet master.” https://t.co/pGF1cr0IgP

– Josh Dawsey (@ jdawsey1) February 23, 2021

The Washington Post has lost all credibility for the past four years with its constant attacks and dishonest coverage of President Trump. You are lost now that the president is low in Florida.


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Robert Dunfee