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6 Hacks for New 2021 IKEA Products


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Savvy DIY enthusiasts have a lot to do this year, from painting to replacing lights to restoring old furniture and more. And of course there are plenty of new items from the IKEA 2021 catalog just waiting to be hacked.

There are wall units that have a built-in bench between them, drawers that add a pop of color to your home office, and a mirrored coffee table that you need to see to be believed – as well as some painting projects small enough to fit on one single afternoon to tackle.

Whether it’s your first hack or your 1,000th hack, these are the six IKEA products everyone will be hacking in 2021.

The LIXHULT metal case has been re-released in an endorphin-enhancing sky blue, but you don’t have to wait for IKEA to come up with future iterations of color to suit your own space.

Hack it: by giving it a few extra rainbow pops

Take matters into your own hands with the no-paint hack invented by blogger Chelsea from Lovely Indeed. She cuts adhesive panels to match their desired surface, then pats them open for a removable pop of color that doesn’t require a drape or dry time.

The funky shape of the new LINDBYN mirror is eye-catching in itself, but you don’t have to limit this decor to walls in your bathroom or bedroom.

Hack it: by turning it into a coffee table

To hack the LINDBYN mirror, try pinning four hairpin legs to the bottom with gorilla glue for a modern mid-century look.

Sometimes a product is so intensely hackable that even IKEA wants everyone to reach their full potential. Take, for example, the SVENSHULT wall shelf, a breathtaking geometric unit made of glittering gold wire.

Hack it: by using it vertically

In most of the pictures, the Swedish retailer puts the shelf in a horizontal position, but in one it’s cleverly turned on its side – turning the new version into a vertical ledge on which to organize the towering stack of books next to your bed . Think of some of these in a mix of vertical and horizontal positions: it’s like a work of art.

The generous size of the BROR trolley – 33 inches wide and 34 inches high – and the lockable castors make this trolley particularly functional. A smooth white finish makes it suitable for any room in the home.

Hack it: by giving it a “tie-dye” top

Put some of you in your new utility cart with a hack from blogger Kara of A Kailo Chic Life. Kara took tropical inspiration from brightly colored pastel popsicles and sprayed a gradient pattern on her IKEA plant stand. However, you can also use the new BROR trolley. Apply the sprays and sealant while you assemble the cart, and voila: you have a cart with brilliant hues that will be eye-catching wherever you place it.

The FÖRENLIG vases – available in opaque white and clear gray – have a classic shape that easily blends into any type of decor, and start at a cool $ 2.99 each.

Hack it: by painting it with terracotta

TikTok users who want to try the trend of mimicking the terracotta texture by applying a layer of paint mixed with baking soda to glass objects no longer have to face a thrift store to find the perfect piece. The low price of the FOERENLIG vases means that you can try your hand at the TikTok hack like Instagrammer Elisabeth from @ one.diy.at.a.time without having to worry about ruining an irreplaceable heirloom.

The eye-catching new HAUGA unit consists of a curiosity cabinet and a storage system and can easily be exchanged for the classic BILLY bookshelf.

Hack it: by using it to create artificial internals

You may not have a built-in library in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own library with this cabinet. Get inspiration from this built-in library hacked with BILLY bookcases in this traditional Chicago home. Another idea: place two HAUGAs on either side of a window and then place a bench or a low shelf in between. Immediate window seat!


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